Door Of My Heart

My heart, you know,
is dancing now,
and spring is glowing
in my eyes like sunrise stories
like long forlorn nights, and dreams and surprises.

All I know is this:
That I feel your fingers
Playing and playing
my piccolo flute, like a drum,
like an old hollow tree
like a starry heart in a black moon night.

All that I know and all that I have,
Given to store, not to own,
Came through the door of my heart
which you opened so long ago.

My heart, you know
is breathing now,
your breath of laughter,
your bubbling joy.

All I know is
your love
her splendid life of a queen
in my glorious heart
as her palace.

Gurumayi, Pentecost Sunday 2008

Uwe Vamdev Franz


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