One Day

One day, one day
all things will stop
and never start again,
and never think or dream again
of words with dreams
and dreams in thoughts
of feelings and of times.

One day,
I know I will be done
with words, with dreams
and all my loving work.

So, going back
means nothing now,
and all that’s left to feel
as words on words,
winds down.

I did live life
all out and did
not hold my reins at all.
My sweet old heart,
you broke in vain
so many times
like falling glass at first.

But times have passed
and on you broke
but softer now
and sweeter.

I watch all that
you know by now,
and my blue eyes
hold on no more
to faults and flaws and dreams.

They do not care
for differences
for right or wrong or neutral.

The summer just moves on.

Sept. 2009

Uwe Vamdev Franz


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