Honor Yourself!

This is essential, basic and the root of true happiness. Many yoga texts who extol the great good fortune of taking birth as a human being, insist on a practice of honoring ourselves throughout our lives.

If we cannot learn this how could we expect to love and honor anyone else, leave alone our environment. This honoring is not easy as it eventually clashes with our self-doubts and our basic disrespect for ourselves. What is so great about ourselves we might ask. We remember all our »shortcomings«, all our bad actions, all our sins. So we know we have to change FIRST before we can really feel this honor, respect and love for ourselves.

The texts of the yoga traditions proclaim that this is a great mistake, that by judging ourselves by what we do we will never be able to understand and appreciate who we are.

The Practice of Honoring Yourself

When we approach this subject we find a lot of well established practices which will help us. One of them is called »bhavana«, or practicing an attitude. So instead of thinking about all the situations and issues from the past you just start a new attitude toward yourself: There are many forms of bhavana. This one is particular effective for our purpose here.

When ever you find time during your day, driving your car, cleaning your home, waiting in the checkout line, or taking a walk, whenever there is a break in your day, repeat to yourself, silently: I am perfect, I am great, I am love.

Now, when you first do this, it might be quite mechanical because you might not feel perfect or great or love at all. That is fine. Just keep doing it. It is like installing a new program in your heart, in your mind, in your body. If you feel funny or ridiculous, don‘t worry about it. Just keep doing it. It might take some time undoing the old conditioning of smallness, of ego-centered pride, of the feeling of being better or different than anybody else. You see, installing this kind of understanding in your mind, does not mean the fostering of pride and egotism. That bhavana: I am perfect, I am great, I am love, does not compare you with anyone, does not put you above anyone. According to the yoga tradition it is just the truth, which you will have to face eventually if you want to fully evolve as a human being.

Try it out and let me know how you are doing. You can e-mail me anytime. uwe@svayoga.com


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