• Mantras For a Happy Life
  • sung by Uwe Vamdev Franz
  • 7 traditional Sanskrit texts, voice and harmonium
  • US $ 17,60


Different situations in life demand action from us. These mantras are there to help us rise up to the occasion, experience the power of abundance, of wisdom, of strength to overcome any obstacle.

  1. ganesha mantra | for good beginnings in all endevours
  2. mahalaxmi stotram | for wealth and affluence of any kind
  3. sarasvati stotram | for creativity, knowledge and study
  4. gajananam | for overcoming obstacles and difficulties
  5. mangalacaranam | for good luck in every way
  6. satcidananda | for understanding; to prepare for meditation
  7. sri ram jay ram | for eating and cooking

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