Hints for Establishing Your Own Meditation Practice


In ancient times, especially in India, people had very regular schedules. They got up with the sun and went to bed with the sun, with some exceptions. Today, our lives are different, less regular. We cannot just »get up before sunrise«, because that would change a lot during the year. The time you set aside for your meditation should be free from any disturbances (excluding, of course, emergencies).

Remember, do not rely on how you feel when it comes to the duration of your meditation. You can use an alarm clock when you sit down to meditation. CDs or other sound devices are also helpful if they contain pieces with the right length. It is better to pick the time for your meditation practice according to re-occurring events in your daily routine. You go to sleep every day. You get out of bed every day. So a good time would be before you go to bed or right after you get up. But any other time is just as good. Try to practice meditation at some particular point every day. It is better to only practice 10 minutes per day than one hour once every week.


If possible try to use the same spot every time. A place you like and feel comfortable in. Although, once you start meditating regularly, whatever place you chose will feel wonderfuly charged with the power of your meditation.

Other helpful hints

If possible, wear separate clothes for meditation (and yoga). Always be comfortable, find a position in which you can sit without pain for the time of your meditation. Sit on a firm pillow so that there is less stress in your knees and hips. If you hurt somewhere, shift your position carefully and gently. Please, remember, if you have discomfort in your body it will be very difficult to be still enough for meditation to occur.

You will find from personal experience that it is easiest to calm down if you are healthy and your body feels good. But with practice that will be less important. Meditate with your eyes closed. As we have discussed, activity in your mind is strongly linked to the movement of your eyes. They will still move with your eyes closed, but much less. If closing your eyes still lets too much light in, you can use a dark cloth to cover your eyes.

Make sure you are warm when you sit down. You can use a shawl or light blanket to stay warm. Choose very simple, monotonous music. It does not have to be »beautiful«. It is there to »white« out noise from outside, to help you stay focused and to give you an »outside« time limit.

It is good to know that meditation will teach you all the secrets of meditation. So you just have to do it.

Any questions? Never hesitate to contact me. I am glad to support you in your practice as I am supported so fully and compassionately by my master.


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