Svayoga Letter and Forum

The Svayoga Letter

I invite you to subscribe to the SvaYoga Letter. It will inform you about my upcoming programs and publications, such as texts, CDs and more. But more then that it wants to support you on your own yoga path with helpful hints and tips, with discussions of yoga's main topics. You can cancel your subscription any time, just let me know. And of course, I will not pass any of your personal information to anyone else.

Yes, I want to subscribe to the Svayoga Letter


Beyond that I envision a kind of forum, in which you can discuss your issues and experiences on your yoga path with other yogis and yoginis. This forum will not be used for advertising or self-promotion. It will be about the sangham, a community for exchange and support on our path. By clicking the link below you let me know you’re interested. The SvaYoga Letter will keep you posted on the progress of that project.

yes, I want such a forum


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