Next Skype Workshop, Sunday, March 25

The Path of Surrender

Surrender is mentioned in most yoga texts as essential in yoga. In sanskrit there are several words for what we call surrender in English. And in English we also know surrender as capitulation. In yoga it does not mean that. It is a practice and also an understanding.

We will discuss surrender and look at its many applications for our yoga path and our daily life. How does one surrender in yoga? How much of it is an inner process and how much is outer action?

Let us explore this subject for this online workshop. By contemplating it and discussing it with each other we can deepen our grasp of this yogic practice.\

Hope you can join us.

One more thing about Online workshops. There is something wonderful about them. Of course it is not possible to sing mantras together like in a regular workshop, or to practice yoga postures. But there is an enchanting sense of connectedness, the ability to close your eyes and listen, to create your own environment for this program. It is like bringing these programs into your home.

You will need to install skype on your computer and have a headset (which you can get in almost any story, Walmart has them for under 15 dollars).

Next, please invite me onto your contact list. My skype name is uwevamdevfranz. Please register for this workshop by e-mailing me. I will send you my account details for the payment.

To download skype please click here: >>>. It is a safe download and in general a very good communication tool. (Even if you decide not to use it for attending these programs. If you have come across a better tool, please let me know.)

Skype Workshop
Sunday, March 25, 9:30 – 11:30 am EST
$ 15

Please click here to register; payment details with registration confirmation.


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