Step Out of Your Past
and Give Your Child a Future

The fundamentals in teaching your child to be happy

The Basis of Self-Esteem

The most essential teaching which needs to flow from parents to children is a fundamental sense of innate worthiness and greatness, characteristic to every human being. Learning this at home will create an indestructible basis of self-esteem. Later on in life this kind of self-esteem does not have to be learned, defended or protected. And you do not need others to recognize it constantly. You do not have to invest a fortune in psychotherapy. You will always have a natural, unshakable feeling for what is good and right for you.

The challenge, however, in teaching this to our children is that we must learn it ourselves FIRST before we can pass it on truthfully.

Unless you practice some kind of introspection, contemplation or meditation, you cannot become aware of a state of being beyond the stories of you mind. As long as the main program in our mind is centered around our sense of limited abilities and our basic distrust in ourselves, it is not possible to learn who we really are and to unravel, what Eastern philosophers have unanimously called »our great human potential«.

Teresa de Avila, a Spanish mystic from the 16th century said in her book »The Interior Castle« that it is a person‘s utmost duty in life to find out who they truly are. For her that was where all learning started, where it culminated.

How much we are willing to rise above the misunderstandings of self-blame, self-doubt and self-deceit will decide how much we are able to help our children to open up to their own boundless possibilities. Eastern traditions, such as Buddhism, Zen and philosophical Yoga, are very outspoken about the issue of self-knowledge:

If you lack self-knowledge (which does not arise out of psychological brooding but from intense awareness of our own unlimited consciousness, our own ocean of love), the world we experience will always be just a network of our past experiences. Our life then is a result of our own limited self-awareness, our own automatic inner dialogue.

What You See Is What You Get

In the early nineties two Chilean researcher found out that people are capable of changing their clear sensory perceptions in accordance with old impressions, totally independent of the actual measurable facts.

They conducted many experiments in this research and I just want to introduce one of them here. They led test participants into a room brightly lit by artificial lighting, where they showed them fully ripe tomatoes. Everyone was asked to describe the exact color of these tomatoes. Of course, all of them described variations of red as was normal for ripe tomatoes…if it were not for the artificial lighting which had turned these tomatoes into a bluish green, with no trace of red! This was measured with spectrometers and also was videotaped. Nor red at all. Then people were shown the same tomatoes in daylight. The result was the same: red as ripe tomatoes are.



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