Without Inner Balance There Is No Lasting Happiness

Yoga is an ancient method showing
us how to achieve this balance

How can we balance our lives in a world which constantly pulls us in so many directions? How can we find within ourselves that power and equanimity which allows us to face the challenges of life with vigor and joy? Where is peace and contentment for us who are intensely engaged in the many demands of a modern life?

As a complete approach, yoga teaches us poses, strengthening our physiological systems, enhancing our physical mobility and bringing out a natural happiness and youthfulness which is so typical for our bodies.

Yoga goes deeper. It shows us how to master the mind, how to own our emotions, how to become steadfast, courageous and compassionate. Unfailingly yoga will lead you to uncover your own greatness, your own inner beauty, your own perfect balance, where your life and your heart‘s desires become one great celebration.

Inside you will find a garland of workshops which will foster your experience and understanding of the main aspects of the yoga tradition.


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