The Yoga of Pure Insight

Uncover the wealth of your own wisdom

Just imagine: A friend leaves you a lot of money after he dies. But you cannot get to it because you forgot the password to his account. So you live a life in poverty while in reality you are wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. Insight or intuition, as it is also called, is a talent everybody has, no exception. The question is, how do you access it, so it can enrich your life.

For some intuition is like a pie in the sky, not to be trusted. They think of it as a strange »paranormal« experience upsetting scientific theories and statistics. For others it carries the hope to lead them out of need and failure, like the magic wand fixing all of their problems.

For many of us intuition is an everyday experience. Famous leaders in politics and business have used intuition very effectively. Conrad Hilton was very famous for making all his bids to buy other hotels intuitively, often waiting in his darkened room for days for the right number to surface in his mind. It worked like a charm for him. For some of his most successful buy-outs his bid came in just a thousand dollars above everyone else, conceived purely intuitively.

Why not just adopt Hilton‘s methods?. Somehow it really does not work quite so easily. Everyone would do it. When it comes to intuition something else is needed. We need to evolve, to chip away at all these concepts and habits which hamper our most powerful gift from being fully accessible to us.

Like bubbles, pure insight surges up from our own inner depths. But on its way into our conscious awareness, it passes through the dense mesh of all our old patterns, thoughts, feeling, and self-limiting concepts. In this mesh pure insight is distorted and twisted into something else: These patterns and good ol‘ concepts. Many people know about the incredible promise of pure insight and they really want to get to it, to honor it and live by it. As long as this mesh is there, all they get is »lucky hits«, unpredictable, definitely unreliable. Unless we work to overcome our perceived limitations, our intuition is as much made up as most everything else in our lives.

Now let us be clear: Insight or intuition will always get translated into your fields of knowledge. Einstein came up with the Theory of Relativity, when his insight finally surfaced, not with a new chemical compound or a vacuum cleaner. This translation mechanism is not the mesh disturbing pure insight.

What can we do? Yoga to the rescue! As a way to deal with all movements in the mind, yoga is a very effective tool to pull away this mesh, at least for some period of time. And this is exactly what needs to be done. You cannot develop insight, you cannot prod your intuition. It‘s all there, constantly available, always surging up. But the dense network of interference needs to be removed for us to benefit.

How can this be achieved with Yoga? First of all, there is self-observation. This is not a narcissistic focus on our ego and its components. It is not brooding over all our lost chances, over our shortcomings, adding more disappointment, more self-limiting nonsense in our minds. It is looking at yourself and your expressions with the firm conviction of your own unfathomable possibilities.



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