Uwe Vamdev Franz, R.Y.T.

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Uwe Vamdev Franz, born in 1955, lives in the Hawthorne Valley area (Ghent, New York) and in Augsburg, Southern Germany.

Uwe Vamdev Franz has been teaching yoga since he was 21, all over Europe, in India and the US. He has brought yoga to health insurance companies, to large corporations, colleges and hospitals. He has worked with children, pregnant women, the elderly and many more diverse groups of people.

He studied the ancient language of the yoga texts, Sanskrit, in India and Germany for over 10 years. He has a degree in Logic, nutrition and Indian sciences. He was also trained in the classical Indian song tradition and plays several traditional Indian instruments.

He was trained as a yoga teacher in India and the US (SYDA Foundation). He studied the healing body movement, Alexander technique, in Switzerland.

Uwe Vamdev has trained yoga teachers in India, Switzerland (the former president of the Swiss Yoga Society is his student) and Germany. He has given classes on such varied subjects as »the Body-Mind-Yoga«, »Music and Movement in Yoga«, »The Yoga of Partnerships«, and many more. His expertise encompasses not only the classical postures of Hatha Yoga and the ancient healing tradition of India (Ayurveda) with its nutritional implications but also vegetarian cooking and nutrition, yoga psychology, creative processes, mandala painting and mantra chanting.

Uwe Vamdev has published a number of articles internationally, in German for Yoga Aktuell, the equivalent of The Yoga Journal in the German language, in Switzerland for Yoga, and in Atlanta for Aquarius Magazine. He teaches a gentle form of yoga as described in the classical yogic texts.


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