Workshops On Yoga

Taking time to regroup

Our lives are busy, full of all our activities to make ends meet, to take care of our families, our things and our bodily needs.

We tend to live as if we could just breathe out constantly, without taking a deep breath in. My workshops in yoga want to provide you with a time to breathe in, to retreat, to take care of yourself.

In all societies where spiritual evolution was just as important as fulfilling our dreams and needs in our lives, retreat was an essential part of life. Retreat was a guarantee for society that you could keep going, that it would not have to take care of you because you are not taking care of yourself.

After my programs end of May, beginning of June, I will not return to the States for a while. BUT, we will take advantage of modern technology. I want to offer you Yoga Satsangs via Skype. From a technological point of view these programs are going very well. The next one will be on March 25, 2012.

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